CBG Citrus Nectar Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Have you ever heard about the numerous benefits of CBG? If yes, then probably you are likely to have an interest in learning about these auto-flower cannabis seeds.

However, you can find CBG in all kinds of strains of marijuana. But no one has found that the concentration of CBG was greater than with this overly special auto-flowering strains. CBG Citrus Nectar Autoflower marijuana is the first auto-flowering marijuana strain that has significant levels of CBG. It is available on the market & has extreme CBD & CBG potential.

As it is suggested by its name, CBG Citrus Nectar is having an extremely distinct citrus-terpene profile. You can also see its reflection in the dominant lemon taste. having an extreme CBD and CBG potential.

These marijuana weeds are fantastic for smoking and are one of the highly recommended medicinal strains.

Why Should You Buy CBG Citrus Nectar Autoflower Cannabis Seeds?

  • These are ideal for combating a huge range of medical conditions
  • CBG Citrus Nectar is extremely easy for growing
  • Comes with a highly delicious flavor

Growing CBG Citrus Nectar Autoflowers (Indoors & Outdoors)

CBG Citrus Nectar auto flower strain is an Indica-Sativa hybrid cross. It is a potent cross between Juanita La Lacrimosa CBD and CBG. And it is a straightforward strain for growing because of its ability to flower automatically, particularly for beginners.

These CBG Citrus Nectar plants are having vigorous growth and these thrive in warm climates both indoors and outdoors. The appearance of these plants is medium and shrub, and it easily adapts to the interior. This marijuana strain likes the sunny climates outdoors but easily adapts to almost all climates. We must be thankful for its excellent resistance to stresses and pest attacks typical of the crop.


  • The installation of an anti-odor filter is crucial for avoiding alerting your neighbors of its presence.
  • When you are doing the cultivation, you are required to add some extra nutrients for obtaining a healthier and stronger development, which directly influences the quality and quantity of the harvest. This harvest may in turn reach 150 grams per plant.

Flowering Time

The approximate flowering time of CBG Citrus Nectar is 56 days. From seed to harvest the cycle of CBG Citrus NectarAutoflower Marijuana Seeds is about 75 to 80 days. After this period you can do the harvesting at a very high quantitative and qualitative level.

Plant Height

The Auto CBG Citrus Nectar is a bit tall for an auto-flower. But, it remains a height that is manageable for indoor grows of this strain. When these are grown indoors their height ranges from 80 to 120 cm. On the other hand, she can stretch to heights of up to 170 cm.

Yields From CBG Citrus Nectar

The CBG Citrus Nectar is widely popular for featuring a good harvesting potential. When you are growing your plants outdoors your yields are about 55 to 150 gm per plant which is dependent on whether you are planning to grow in the open ground or pots. You can expect a maximum yield of 500 gm per m2 on applying SOG or SCROG when you are growing this strain indoors.

Effects of CBG Citrus Nectar Autoflower Marijuana Strain

Just before going to sleep or for enjoying your favorite movie this strain is perfect for enjoying relaxation. Thanks to the Super-high CBG and CBD content. This marijuana strain is particularly appreciated by people for its anti-insomnia, anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic, and medicinal effects.

Of course, this CBG Citrus Nectar is a purely medicinal strain of marijuana. The extremely low THC content present in this strain does not make it psychoactive. So, you are not going to get high from smoking CBG Citrus Nectar Auto. Simultaneously, you will be capable of getting benefits from her unique medicinal properties.

This strain is the perfect strain for those marijuana growers who keep doing the cultivation of a high CBD or CBG strain simply with a CBG percentage of up to 11%.

Side Effects

CBG Citrus Nectar does not come with any intoxicating effects and these are not associated with any adverse side effects instead of dry mouth and dry eyes. You can get relief from this by maintaining your hydration level.

Taste & Smell

With this fresh and powerful citrus background, which has become one of the tastiest medical marijuana strains in the scene, the influence of this Juanita la Lacrimosa is noted. The smell and taste of marijuana are pleasant and tropical both because of its distinctive terpene profile. As it is indicated by its name, the sweet and citrus nectar flavors are present abundantly.

The effects of CBG Citrus Nectar are extremely soothing because of its extremely CBD and CBG percentage. And psychoactive effects are not noticeable because of the equally low THC content.

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