Cannabis Law in Thailand: A Guide to Growing & Smoking Marijuana

Updated on October 20, 2022 in Marijuana Legalization
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Marijuana legislation in Thailand has changed significantly in recent years. What’s been formerly viewed as a dangerous substance, unlawful to use, is now largely legal. Thailand agreed to remove cannabis from the list of prohibited substances and endorsed decriminalising the drug. An official statement eliminating the substance from Category 5 of the nation’s list of drugs was signed by the minister of health, Anutin Charnvirakul, and is currently prevalent.

Cannabis can be produced, marketed, and used without liability to the Narcotics Act, which it was previously committed to. There is still some dispute regarding public use and how much may be produced. But it appears that marijuana is now completely available for personal and business use, based on the excitement observed around the country.

Is Cannabis Legal in Thailand?

Yes, but only under certain restrictions. Cannabis cultivation is allowed, but you require a permit. Producers at home must first notify the authorities via a website or app. Key farmers have submitted roughly 750,000 requests thus far.

Producers of industrial marijuana need to apply for a license with the Food and Drug Administration. Eateries may use cannabis. However, the THC content of the roots and leaves used in cuisine must be less than 0.2 per cent, and producers must provide them with FDA certification.

The primary psychoactive component in marijuana that causes the “high” experience is THC. This indicates that the goods aren’t particularly potent and aren’t comparable to an Amsterdam cafe’s hash brownies. However, it doesn’t seem that everyone is following that guideline, which is where things get murky. For instance, the buds already being sold over the counter at the Highland Café in Bangkok seem quite potent!

Can You Smoke Cannabis in Thai?

Yes, although if Somchai gives you a cigarette at a gathering, keep in mind that smoking in the open can still be considered a public disturbance. Those found to be “nuisances” by public smoking face penalties of up to 25,000 thai ($723) and jail sentences of up to 3 months.

But given that Thailand just discharged 3,000 prisoners who had been guilty of cannabis charges and is planning to release more, this seems a little confusing. Apart from enrolling with the authorities and stating that it is for medical reasons, there seems to be little attempt to monitor what individuals can cultivate and consume at home, notwithstanding politicians claims to the contrary.

How Can You Be Charged for Smoking If Cannabis Is Legal?

That’s a valid question, yet the answer isn’t yet evident. That’s how things operate here, as those acquainted with the Thai visa program would understand.

Whenever a new law is adopted, it takes some time to smooth out all the details missed during the development cycle and clarify what is permitted and why!

As a foreigner, our advice is to initially let Thai folks open the way. Allow everything to clear up for a few months while you sit quietly. For now, smoke inside at home.

Can I Buy Cannabis in Thai with a Prescription?

Yes. However, be aware that the potency of medicinal cannabis in Thai can be considerably lower than what you’re used to in California or Amsterdam. It has consistently been among the main concerns of long-term patients who have previously relied on a black market source.

Because they were dissatisfied with the potency of medicinal cannabis, many consumers have gone to the illegal market to obtain a stronger supply.

Will There Be a Sandbox for Cannabis?

Although this has been suggested, it is unclear how significantly.  It is said that Thailand would create a region for marijuana enthusiasts.

You can enjoy your vacation by indulging in as much cannabis-based food, drink, and vaping as you like. It depends on the item whether you’ll truly get high or not, as it must all have less than 0.2 per cent THC.

This would undoubtedly be unusual, but I don’t think it could compete with the cafes in Amsterdam. In our opinion, it won’t happen, at least not this year.


Thai is the most forward-thinking nation in the area concerning cannabis cultivation and use, although you might wish to hold off until you go along the street smiling at the neighbourhood cop while puffing on a large doobie.

Look to see new cafés opening up and advertisements for virtually every dish featuring cannabis as a special ingredient.

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